The Accidentalists

Yes, the Accidentalists' eponymous CD is now available in a range of media:

Download it (for nothing, or whatever you want to pay) 

Come to one of our gigs and buy one.

(If we remember to bring any. We do sometimes)

Or order your own personalised 78 rpm acetate

(to be honest, not sure how you do this. You'll need to copy the music yourself, which you can download from here) and transfer it to acetate using a de-digitisation algorithm of your own invention. But if you do we promise to sign it for you)

Credits (where credits are due)

Sound Engineer: Steve Stewart at Remote Farm Studios
Artwork: Harry Gray, Catherine Doherty &
Richard Ashman
Turning of Artwork into CD Cover: Rosa Wright

Historical notes for our biographers:

The instruments were all recorded in a single day, in a single room, some time back in June 2014, we can't exactly remember when (or exactly how much each of us paid for the studio time) in Remote Farm Studios, which is somewhere we can't remember how to give directions to. But there is a very nice piano there, which we all sat around, so our microphones all picked up each other's sound at various points (which is why there are two guitar solos, for the price of one, on one of the tracks). Vocals and sound effects and mixing took another day or so. That was it, more or less.

We had fun. We might do it again some time.

We think it's Quite Good.

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