Accidentalism: Some Definitions

Accidentalism (n, popular music)

A calamitous collision of high art and low buffoonery; studied camp and retro pomp (the last phrase meaning nothing at all), or, in plain musical terms, you may find traces of jazz, blues, Latin, and George Gershwin in the big, fat cow pie that is the Accidentalist experience - an evening of guaranteed musical whoopee.

The Accidentalists (n, used mainly in the plural, popular music)

A popular beat combo based in and around Cambridge, and leading practitioners of Accidentalism, consisting of:

Stephen Wright (vocals, piano),

Richard Ashman (vocals, percussion, scat, harmonica, etc)

Chris Newman (guitar, vocals),

Humfry Finkel (guitar, vocals),

Our beloved former member, James Doherty (accordion, piano) is also playing on most of the recordings on this website.

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